Best Tips for your ideal and ultimate Goa vacation plan

Goa is one of the most exotic travel destinations in India. There are so many things to see and so many things to do in Goa that is difficult to count, and tough to streamline.The best part of Goa tourism is its versatile entertainment: Goa has something special for everybody. Therefore the best plan for Goa vacation will be highly personalized.

what is your ideal Vacation plan?
what is your ideal Vacation plan?

What is the idea travel plan in Goa?

No matter if you love to arrange an activity-clad Goa-vacation plan, it is best to say in the Goa downtown preferably in budget villas in Goa sea beach areas. You will get to join water sports, you can enjoy night beach parties, and your shopping gusto will be pampered from beach stalls. However, online booking can be little risky: you better book Apartments in Goa or you can Book Villas in Goa by a reputable travel company like Mygoastay.

Transport in Goa travel

There are so many spots in Goa that tourists will find really mesmerizing. Old churches, ancient forts, waterfalls, wild sanctuaries are scattered all over Goa and you can check each of them to discover the essence of Goa in its true spirit. One of the clues to arrange an ideal Goa vacation plan is to avail the facility of online car rental services in Goa. You can take a chauffeur driven car or a self-driven car in Goa so that you can visit each of Goa’s beautiful spots in your own plan.

Goa cruising

Cruising in Goa can make your vacation plan a lifetime memory. Want to rent cruise in Goa? You need to contact your travel company better so that the best cruising package can be booked. During peak season getting luxury houseboats of the cruise on hire can be really daunting.

It is really easy to plan an ideal and entertaining vacation at Goa but before you plan your itineraries, you need to hire a Goa travel specialist to help you in making your perfect Goa tour plan. Contact for your all Goa travel related information and services.

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The Calangute beach in Goa

Calangute beach- one among the famous beaches of Goa, located 15kms from the capital city of Goa, Panaji and on the shores of Arabian Sea of North Goa. This beach is well known as the Queen of the beaches and thereby overcrowded in every season.

about calangute beach in North Goa by mygoastay
Calangute beach in North Goa

However the beach has not anything special but in this spot, most of the tour operators and travel agencies can be found here which helps visitors in booking for all the other beaches. This Calangute beach in North Goa is furthermore the center for most comfortable as well as Luxurious villas in Goa along with vacationers can have the facility to stay in the best holiday homes in Goa near the beach.

Calangute Beach, Calangute, Goa, India
Calangute Beach in North Goa

The Calangute village in North Goa is encircled with the facilities like foreign exchange offices, banks, resort companies, post office, medical facilities, Goa villas, and medical facilities and also the Car rentals in Goa.

about Calangute beach in North Goa by mygoastay
Calangute beach in North Goa

Places worth to visit nearby Calangute beach: The church of St Alex, Baga beach, gift and specialty shops, Tibetan market and casino palms etc.

Place you can stay:  there are many apartments and villas available around Calangute beach to stay. One of the best places you can stay near the beach is a Vera Calangute apartment which is very close to the Calangute beach and well known as the most excellent holiday apartments in Goa. It’s the 2BHK apartment in Goa with the inclusive amenities including furnished bedrooms, living room, kitchen balcony with Sitout, landscaped garden, yoga room and so on. You can stay there at the rentals of Rs2500 per night.

2BHK vera calangute

The beach is perfect tourist spot especially for the Indian travelers because this 2HK apartment in Calangute is enough to accommodate a huge number of visitors.

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Online Car Rental Services in Goa

Goa comes under one among the famous tourist destinations in India, it is not only visiting establish for domestic tourist but also equally visiting spot for foreign travelers. When we think about Goa first thing comes in mind is beautiful beaches apart from these it is a sign of carnivals, religious festivals and fairs so always it is crowded by tourists from all around the world.


This is the best spot for holiday vacations that everyone can think of. To visit such beautiful spots you need the luxurious vehicle and Mygoastay is the finest choice for your search which makes your trip and vacation more memorable as expected. We offer online car rental services in Goa which suits your class as well as within acceptable budget.


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